Colloque – « Performing by the Book? Artist-Researchers Negotiations Between Text and Act » – 7-8 juin 2022

Colloque sur le thème « Performing by the Book? Artist-Researchers Negotiations Between Text and Act »,  Orpheus Instituut, 7-8 juin 2022

« The performance of composed music implies the transmutation of silent, symbolically coded prescriptions—‘scores’—into sounding matter. Although recent times have seen completions of unfinished compositions and even (re)constructions of lost (or non-existent) works, the practice of performing historical compositions is conditioned predominantly by the very availability of ‘texts.’ Today’s standards of musical interpretation furthermore demand that musicians internalize growing amounts of con-text-ual information, such as historical treatises and methods, in an ambition to inscribe individual artistry into a verifiable text-ure of scholarly allure and authoritativeness. The phenomena of Werktreue and HIP automatically spring to mind, but deliberate rejections and (re)assemblages of musical documents also testify to musicians’ desire to negotiate with textual artifacts. »

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