Colloque – « Experience of a City. Multisensorial Approaches to Past and Present » – 30 mai 2022

Colloque sur le thème « Experience of a City. Multisensorial Approaches to Past and Present », en ligne, 30 mai 2022

« This workshop series aims to bring together approaches from musicology, historical ethnography, anthropology of religion and cultural studies in exploring experiences of the city. Moving away from ocularcentrism, we wish to enquire into the city’s past and its present as a multisensorial experience. Istanbul, for centuries known as »the City«, is both the place where this online workshop is hosted and a point of reference and return for the conversation we are looking forward to. The workshop series will open up a forum for exchange between eminent scholars and younger researchers. With a keynote by anthropologist and musicologist Peter McMurray (University of Cambridge), the first workshop of the series on May 30, 2022 will focus on auralities, senses and atmospheres in Istanbul, past and present. »

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