Colloque – « Accessing jazz and improvised music » – 5-6 juin 2021

Colloque « Accessing jazz and improvised music », organisé par le Sydney Conservatorium of Music et l’Australasian Jazz and Improvisation Research Network, en ligne, 5-6 juin 2021.

« The 2021 AJIRN conference theme Accessing Jazz and Improvised Music invites participants to consider the networks, infrastructure, physical and ideological barriers, creative problems, privileges, and prejudices musicians and audiences routinely negotiate as they make their way to and through jazz and other improvised music. Inspired in part by the new platforms audiences and musicians have used to connect during the COVID-19 pandemic, this conference seeks to interrogate a spectrum of both physical and metaphorical barriers that have created space between artists, audiences, and researchers, and the bridges that have been built to span these gaps. We encourage participants to consider accessibility in broad terms and from various angles when grappling with the fundamental question of how jazz and other improvised music scenes might better cultivate cultures of inclusivity and respect. »

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Image : Jens Thekkeveettil sur Unsplash.

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