Colloque – Watershed Festival « Reimagining Music Theatre » – 25-28 mai 2021

Watershed Festival, colloque « Reimagining Music Theatre », Dan School of Drama and Music, Queen’s University, Kingston (Ontario), en ligne, 25-28 mai 2021.

« The Watershed Festival is one of the first of ots kind: a celebration and exploration of ALL things music theatre. Opera and musicals have long existed in divided communities with very little interaction, and the history and practices of both have traditionally drawn on a Euro-centric perspective. Yet in spite of all this, the integration of music, drama, dance, and design offers the thrilling potential for music theatre to be recognized and mobilized as a truly inclusive art form.

In an effort to reimagine the future of music theatre, the Watershed Festival strives to support and promote those who CREATE ground-breaking and genre-expanding new work, to deeply EXPLORE the past, present and future of the art form and to INSPIRE the next generation of artists and audiences. »

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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