Colloque – « Archiving and Re-Performing Electroacoustic Music AREM202 » – 9-10 décembre 2022

Colloque « Archiving and Re-Performing Electroacoustic Music AREM202 », en ligne, 9-10 décembre 2022.

« Archiving music involving digital technologies becomes a more and more urgent task. This comprises born digital sources as well as digitized content and also applies to information held in digital repositories. Besides challenges such as providing and maintaining adequate facilities, a major question is also how to deal with these digital sources. How can they be structured and classified to grant accessibility? What role does it play to ‘be online‘? And how can performative aspects be integrated in digital sources? Researchers from different fields and backgrounds such as music research, archival studies, media studies, film studies and arts will present their projects and thoughts on these topics, sharing approaches and knowledge on preserving music and various media in digital context. »

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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