Colloque – « Chinese Music and Memory » – 1-3 et 8-10 septembre 2021

23e rencontre internationale du CHIME « Chinese Music and Memory », Prague et en ligne, 1-3 et 8-10 septembre 2021.

« CHIME is a worldwide platform of scholars and aficionados of Chinese music.  […] This year’s theme – Chinese music and memory – is very broad. It is intended to cover aspects like history, historical construction, notions about what ‘tradition’ involves, systems and scores of music notation, music cognition, mnemonical systems, revival movements, intangible cultural heritage, and a great deal more. As in every CHIME meeting, we will also provide room for presentations on research topics related to Chinese or East-Asian music, but outside this specific focus. It’s just too bad…! Initially, we had a gorgeous programme of performances in mind for this meeting, including Chinese puppet theatre, virtuoso performances on sheng (mouth organ), zheng (zither) and erhu (fiddle) and local Chinese (or Chinese-inspired) music from Prague! We had already been in contact with performers left and right, in Europe, in America, in China and even from further afield… Unfortunately, all of this will now have to be postponed to one of our future (post-Corona) conference editions. »

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Image : falco sur Pixabay.

ISSN : 2368-7061
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