Nouvelle parution – SEM Student News, vol. 16.2

Vient de paraître : SEM Student News, vol. 16, no 2 (automne/hiver 2021), « The Writing Issue ».

Rédacteur en chef : Eugenia Siegel Conte.

SEM Student News is a biannual publication of the Society for Ethnomusicology, created and run by students. In cooperation with the SEM Student Union, we aim to voice current student issues and ideas, and to provide useful, relevant information for students conducting research on musicking. Most of all, we provide a forum for students to communicate with their peers and to address the challenges and opportunities that we face together.

« This issue showcases ideas and approaches to writing in scholarship and daily life lived in, and influenced by, the written word, sound, and/or music. Including articles that run the gamut from practical writing advice to philosophical contextualization to poetic construction and experimental autoethnography, we hope that there is something that will spark your interest in this issue, which also includes remarkable responses to their own past works by three established ethnomusicologists, Dr. Deborah Wong, Dr. Julianne Graper, and Dr. Tomie Hahn. »

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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