Nouvelle parution – « Reviewing the Book Review. A Roundtable »

Vient de paraître : « Reviewing the Book Review. A Roundtable », Journal of Musicological Research, par Marian Wilson Kimber et al. (2021).

« A review of a book must cover its subject’s content, central argument, and overall scope, yet it is not purely a book report. The review should describe the volume’s structure, yet it should not conform to the organization of the book itself, plodding through the chapters one by one and providing a summary for each. The reviewer can choose to emphasize some sections more than others, while still providing a good sense of the whole. Their description of the book may also consider its specific features, such as illustrations, musical examples or analytical graphs and charts, in order to relay what they add to the author’s overall presentation.

The review should position the book within the related scholarship. Does it offer something completely new? Does it build on or complement previous understandings of its topic? It may also be helpful to identify the potential audience for the book, such as if it is pedagogical in nature, highly specialized, or aimed at a wide readership. »

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