Colloque – MIRAGE Symposium #1: Computational Musicology – 8-9 juin 2021

MIRAGE Symposium #1: Computational Musicology, RITMO et National Library of Norway, Oslo, en ligne, 8-9 juin 2021.

« Computer technologies could potentially offer revolutionary tools to better understand and appreciate music. Although computer music research is a very active and productive area of research, algorithms are not yet able to comprehend the full richness of music. This symposium is an attempt to strengthen the dialogue between computer science and musicology, in both direction:

  • Presenting to musicologists a broad range of research in computational musicology, in a way that should be accessible to them.
  • Collecting from musicologists their particular needs, with the aim to shape computational musicology research along those lines.

The symposium is organised within the context of the MIRAGE research project, actively working along the above-mentioned objectives. »

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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