Symposium – Music Performance Studies Today – fév.-mai 2021

Symposium Music Performance Studies Today. A Series of Online Events, UCLA, en ligne, février-mai 2021.

« Broadly focusing on music since 1800, “Music Performance Studies Today” will feature a number of approaches spanning from examinations of microscopic performance details to proposing macro, overarching, and generalizable theories of performance. In building bridges, the symposium will inspire collaborations through performances of music discussed by the invited speakers, as well as stage-related musical demonstrations. In building a scholarly community bringing together performers and academics alike, the symposium sets out to illume methods for performance analysis at many levels, including music score interaction, connections to experience, and reflections on culture. Simultaneously, it aspires to reach out to the larger Los Angeles community through associated performances catering to a variety of interests. »

Programme et détails : cliquez ici.

Image : Spencer Imbrock sur Unsplash.

ISSN : 2368-7061
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