Appel à contributions – Schweizer Jahrbuch für Musikwissenschaft – 1er mars 2021

Appel à contributions pour la première édition de la nouvelle revue numérique Schweizer Jahrbuch für Musikwissenschaft, autour du thème « Music in Times of Crises ».

« Times and situations of crisis are an integral part of human, societal, scientific and artistic experience, exceptional yet omnipresent not only in areas plagued by hunger, war or illnesses but also within societies of excess. Crises can take on many forms and are perceived and faced in many different ways. In view of the fundamental essentiality of crises, the question of their relation to music emerges. Indeed, the basic social contingency of both allow us to affirm that music and crises stand in complex mutual relations to each other.

The concept of crisis imagined here is a broad one including global and social problems in various life-situations ranging from war, religious, economic or ecological crises, pandemics or processes of upheaval. Such global, national or local crises may be examined on macro and micro levels. Furthermore, it can include personal crises that do not necessarily stem from overriding socio-political events such as creative, psychological or health crises within or between individuals. While it appears clear that individual musicians as well as whole music scenes, practices and cultures are deeply affected by the consequences of economic, social and health crises, our central question concerns the ways in which music and crisis interact, how acoustic phenomena can express crises and how these may be perceived, composed or faced through music. »

Date limite de soumission : 1er mars 2021.

Pour plus de détails, voir l’appel en ligne.

ISSN : 2368-7061
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