Appel à contributions – « Music as Psychological Reflection » – 1 août 2024

Appel à contributions pour un numéro spécial du Humanities Education and Research Association’s Interdisciplinary Humanities Journal, « Music as Psychological Reflection ».

Rédaction en chef : Edmund Cueva.

« Music, embodied by Euterpe, one of the nine Muses of Greek mythology, is an indispensable part of all cultures for a compelling reason: it has always been essential. While Western art music may seem less immediate than the ethnic music of other cultures due to its complex and structured tradition, its profound impact on the human psyche and soul is evident through its dedicated following that has preserved this tradition for centuries.

The universal need for music across time and cultures also signifies its intimate connection with human emotions. Psychology, a relatively modern field compared to music, provides insights into the human psyche as we engage with musical works, performances, and ideas.

In this context, we will explore music as a reflection of psychology. The ancient art of music is a valuable resource for the psychological study of human emotions and experiences. Just as Greek mythology recognized music’s significance in antiquity, today’s field of psychology can delve deeper into the reciprocal relationship between music and humanity to gain insight into human nature. »

Date limite de soumission : 1 août 2024.

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