Colloque international – « Naturalising Sounds. How Instrumental Music Is (Made) National » – 22-24 janvier 2021

Conférence internationale « Naturalising Sounds. How Instrumental Music Is (Made) National », en ligne, University of Regensburg, 22-24 janvier 2021.

« The conference’s main focus lies on those particular moments in modern music history when national or even nationalistic qualities have been attributed to it. These instances occur outside the sounding music itself; they are manifested verbally: in texts accompanying music performances, writings of music theory and music history and, last but not least, in the press.

The presented papers will look at these appropriations from different angles and examine how the national identity of musical repertoires is negotiated, where there are tensions between the claims of internationality and the assertion of a national character, or how composers and their works are subject to the whims of national inclusion and exclusion. Due to the international line-up of speakers, three continents and thus three time zones will enter into a simultaneous dialogue. »

Keynote speaker : Prof. Dr. Stefan Keym (University of Leipzig).  »

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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