Colloque – « Intersections. Interdisciplinary Approaches to Opera » – 27 juin 2023

Colloque « Intersections. Interdisciplinary Approaches to Opera », Univ. of Cambridge et en ligne, 27 juin 2023.

« The specificity of contemporary research trends is leading to a necessary yet dangerous compartmentalisation of knowledge. Whereas discussing particular topics in specialised forums is nowadays more accessible and open than ever, fewer opportunities for interdisciplinary debate seem to be coming to light. However, opera – a genre in which music, words, theatre, dance, costumes, and technology have intersected since its origins – requires interdisciplinary approaches in order for it to be more fully understood.

Our study day aims to contribute to this necessary dialogue by bringing together scholars from various disciplines to discuss opera not only in terms of its various components and diachronic developments, but also, and more importantly, through the combination of historical, analytical, textual, performative, object-related, and computer-based approaches. »

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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