Colloque – « Teaching Vernacular Music Traditions of the Southeastern United States » – 18 mars 2023

Colloque « Teaching Vernacular Music Traditions of the Southeastern United States », AMS South-Central Chapter, en ligne, 18 mars 2023.

« Vernacular music traditions are increasingly embraced by music departments, not only as objects of academic inquiry but as musical practices in which to immerse and train our students. While jazz has become nearly ubiquitous in higher education, other vernacular traditions are finding a place, including many that trace their roots to the Southeastern United States (e.g. gospel, bluegrass, old-time) and others that flourish there today (e.g. mariachi, hip-hop, West African drumming).

This symposium is not concerned with teaching students about vernacular traditions, but rather teaching them to think, vocalize, play, and create within vernacular traditions. It will address both music-making practices that have already been incorporated into college and advanced high school curricula and those that should be. »

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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