Colloque – « Chamber Scenes. Musical Space, Medium, and Genre c. 1800 » – 16-18 février 2023

Colloque « Chamber Scenes. Musical Space, Medium, and Genre c. 1800 », San José State Univ., 16-18 février 2023.

« How might scholars rethink the catch-all notion of the “chamber,” already antiquated by the early nineteenth century, as a nexus of media forms, social relations, performance conditions, and stylistic predilections? How were residual habits of eighteenth-century music-making absorbed into emergent kinds of commercial performance and contemplative listening? How did the early nineteenth-century “chamber concept” collapse social contexts and so produce new – perhaps distinctly modern – ideas of publicly mediated privacy and public intimacy? And how did the “chamber” – that explicit topographical metaphor for intimate aristocratic social practices – nonetheless become the most relentlessly commercialized musical domain of the early nineteenth century, even as, in Beethoven’s late quartets, it also became a symbol of music at its apparently most arcane and abstracted? »

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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