Colloque – « Cultural Context in Dett’s « The Ordering of Moses » » – 19 janvier 2023

Colloque « Cultural Context in Dett’s “The Ordering of Moses” », Kaufman Music Center, New York, 19 janvier 2023.

« Hear scholars and performers discuss the enduring impact of R. Nathaniel Dett, a Canadian-American composer of African heritage who championed the use of Negro spirituals and folk songs as a basis for Western classical compositions—a practice that took root during his studies at Oberlin. Dett’s 1932 oratorio “The Ordering of Moses” is widely considered his magnum opus both in compositional scale and in its articulation of Black identity and artistry. This discussion will bring together prominent scholars from the fields of African American music, choral music, ethnomusicology, music theory, religion, and music performance to explore Dett’s music, life, and ideas. On the day following this discussion (January 20), Oberlin Conservatory’s orchestra and choral ensembles will perform “The Ordering of Moses” at Carnegie Hall. »

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