Colloque – « France : Musiques, Cultures, 1789-1918. Annual Conference » – 11-13 juillet 2022

Colloque « France : Musiques, Cultures, 1789-1918. Annual Conference », Venise, 11-13 juillet 2022

« France : Musiques, Cultures, 1789-1918 is a project covering all aspects of music in France in the long nineteenth century: music in the theatre, instrumental, military, popular, and sacred music, historiography, pedagogy and theory.  We encourage and promote research of all types in the field: documentary, cultural, biographical, hermeneutic, bibliographical, archival, and analytical. We also develop work at the boundaries of musicology, dance history, theatre, medicine, science, ideas, and jurisprudence.  At the heart of our work lies analysis of the musical press, and the press more broadly conceived, as it relates to music.  In order to link more efficiently with partner organisations, we engage with the long nineteenth century from 1789 to 1918. »

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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