Conférence – « Indigeneity in Music Composition and Research » – 5 mai 2022

Conférence sur le thème « Indigeneity in Music Composition and Research », en ligne, 5 mai 2022

« Since the late-nineteenth century, attempts to ‘concertize’ the indigenous, in the context of European and European-American performing ensembles and audiences, relied on exoticized and fantastical notions of the non-European other, referred to by European and American academics of the nineteenth and twentieth century as ‘primitives’ and ‘savages’. In this interactive panel, scholars and artists Raven Chacon, Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti, Shana Redmond, and Dylan Robinson confront historical problematics in relation to contemporary Indigenous composition and performance imperatives; the politics of inclusion and recognition in ‘classical’ music; the taxonomies and implicit cultural hierarchies of white/European settler colonialism; and evolving models for musicology. »

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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