Appel à contributions – « The Music of “Monstrous Men” » – 14 juin 2020

Appel de contributions pour une table ronde autour de « The Music of “Monstrous Men”. Negotiating Popular Music and the Musicians Who Make It », organisée par le groupe d’intérêt Society for Music Theory’s Popular Music, AMS/SMT Minneapolis 2020, novembre 2020.

« While the “monstrous men” of the 2017 Paris Review article include artists of many ilks, the recent releases of documentaries Surviving R. Kelly (2019) and Leaving Neverland (2019), alongside highly publicized allegations and trials against prominent pop music figures like Ryan Adams and Dr. Luke have brought renewed attention to abuses within the pop music industry. Within academia, this question has been recently addressed by Will ChengPhillip Ewell, and Ellie Hisama. This discussion will focus on our research and teaching as popular music scholars, educators, and historians. Do we avoid the music of these problematic creators and find other examples to use in our articles and in the classroom? Or do we lean into the discomfort that these examples might provoke and use them as jumping-off points for discussions about power, danger, and prejudice? Additionally, how are these issues articulated in the musical syntax that we study as music theorists? »

Date limite de soumission : 14 juin 2020 (envoyer une proposition de 300 mots à mferrandino[a]

Les organisateurs sollicitent des propositions d’arguments explicatifs courts (de 5 à 7 minutes), qui seront suivis d’une discussion de groupe plus longue et d’une période de questions/réponses.

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