Appel de conférences – «Populism and Nationalism in Contemporary Europe» – 15 novembre 2021

Appel de conférences pour le colloque « Populism and Nationalism in Contemporary Europe », University of Oldenburg, 7-9 avril 2022

« It is undisputed that the recent rise of populist-nationalist and far-right parties poses a challenge to democracies, not exclusively, but also in the European Union. However, ‘populism’s toxic embrace of nationalism’, as Lawrence Rosenthal calls it, is more than a party-political or economic phenomenon. It also has a cultural dimension, which remains largely unexplored. Regarding music as a ubiquitous cultural practice, this conference addresses this cultural dimension from three music-oriented
perspectives. First, we examine the ways in which European populist and nationalist parties and political actors employ musical strategies. Second, we examine the political significance of music and its function in party politics. Third, as popular music is often received as one aspect of intermedial performances, we also need to address the intermedial and digital dimension of populist and nationalist performances.

Lastly, the field of popular music and populism in contemporary Europe has been heavily impacted by the Covid-19-pandemic. Government measures to contain the pandemic – as well as protests against these measures – have contributed to shaping music cultures on various economic, political, social, media and cultural levels. In particular, the pandemic has resulted in the rise of conspiracism, also in popular music cultures. What is the role of conspiracism in the recent rise of populism and nationalism in Europe ? »

Date limite de soumission (résumé de 300 mots a envoyé à mario.dunket(a) : 15 novembre 2021

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