Distinctions – 2022 Balzan Prizes – 15 mars 2022

Appel à candidatures pour les Prix Balzan 2022

« Each of the four 2022 Balzan Prizes is worth 750,000 Swiss francs. Half the Prize sum will be awarded to the Prizewinner in recognition of his/her work, while the other half will later be earmarked by the Prizewinner for research projects involving young researchers or research groups. The research proposal will be subject to the approval of the General Prize Committee.

Careful consideration will be given to all nominations. The Balzan General Prize Committee, (who had just welcomed Salwa El-shawan Castelo-branco as recipents for the prize this year) will treat your nomination, which must be signed by the nominator, in the strictest confidentiality and in compliance with existing legislation on the processing of personal data, and expects that you will similarly respect the secrecy it entails. »

Date limite de soumission : 15 mars 2022

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