Appel à contributions – « Analysis in Context. Leuven Studies in Musicology »

Appel à contributions pour la collection « Analysis in Context. Leuven Studies in Musicology », sous la dir. de Mark Delaere. 

« This peer-reviewed series aims at consolidating recent trends in music analysis in which analytical and historical research are seen as interdependent. Compositions will not be analysed in order to prove the validity or propose the universality of any particular theory but rather to disclose their specificity within the historical context in which they originated. This approach may include aesthetic ideas, compositional and listening strategies, sociological conditions, theoretical systems, or genre conventions. Consequently, the aims, methods and results of analysis may be as widely divergent as music history is (historical research as tool of analysis). On the other hand, if musicology is to include the study of musical works of art, a contextual analysis of composition is indispensable (analysis as a tool of historical research). Analysis in Context is a peer-reviewed series, addressed to an international readership. »

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Image : Xavier von Erlach sur Unsplash.  

ISSN : 2368-7061
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