Colloque – « Information Overload? Music Studies in the Age of Abundance » – 8-10 septembre 2021

Colloque « Information Overload? Music Studies in the Age of Abundance », University of Birmingham (en ligne), 8-10 septembre 2021.

Conférences d’honneur : Robin James (University of North Carolina, Charlotte) et Nick Seaver (Tufts University)

« For those investigating any musical activity after about 1994, the main sources of research data will not be print archives or discrete media – they will be World Wide Web media. The Internet Archive, the web’s library, today holds over 525 billion archived web pages, while API and post-API archiving initiatives make social web platforms accessible as research databases. At first glance, no other archive is more inclusive in terms of whose voices it represents, and none more comprehensive in terms of the insights it provides into the thoughts, desires and musical tastes of ordinary people. […] Yet there is good cause to be sceptical of claims to a more ‘democratic’ archive in an age of surveillance capitalism. […] With this conference we seek to gather researchers who are interested in epistemological, methodological, ethical, and disciplinary problems that arise when studying music in the age of abundance. »

Le programme est disponible ici.

Pour plus de détails et inscription : site du colloque.

Image : Hans Haacke, News (1969-2008), San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

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