Appel à contributions – The World Music Textbook

Appel à contributions du World Music Textbook.

« The World Music Textbook is a new collaborative effort to create a free and broadly accessible resource for the general public, educators, students, and researchers alike. Its open collections of scholarly, peer-reviewed writing and multimedia materials focus on increasing access to underrepresented voices, writing styles, and audiences, all with undergraduate students and a broad readership in mind.

You are invited to contribute to a new open world music textbook. While the World Music Textbook aims to assemble a collection of original writing and multimedia resources for use in musicology and ethnomusicology classrooms, we also intend for this project to serve the wider public. […] The newest topics covered within this open and collaborative peer-reviewed project include identity, nationalism, rhythm, expectation, fieldwork, and organology in regions including Mexico and the US, Brazil, Cambodia, and Morocco. »

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