Appel à contribution – « Urban Desires. Music and Nostalgia » – 23 juillet 2021

Appel à contributions de la revue Nineteenth-Century Music Review pour un numéro thématique « Urban Desires. Music and Nostalgia », vol. 19, n1 (avril 2022), sous la dir. de Lola San Martín Arbide (New Europe College, Institute for Advanced Study, Bucarest).

« Nostalgia takes us back to the past and fosters desire for the future, it conflates joy, sadness, pain and pleasure, it allows us to forget and to remember. Critiqued as a reactionary impulse (Lowenthal 2015) and even as a dangerous emotion (Augé 2016), nostalgia is also a resource for creativity and progress (Tannock 1995; Keightley and Pickering 2012), yet it pathologically conflates reality and fantasy (Boym 2001). Nostalgia is not just a matter of time, it is also defined by the wish to return to the place of memory (Elliott 2010; Trigg 2012). […]

We seek contributions that explore the harmonies and discrepancies between history and memory studies (Huyssen 2003). What kind of musical cartography does the study of musical cities unveil and how does it build on our knowledge of the geography of nostalgia (Bonnett 2016)? We hope that the study of the paths of cultural transfer between different cities will nuance the eurocentrism behind the belief that ‘Greece is where it all begun’ (Shohat and Stam 1994). This call seeks submissions that intersect nostalgia, music and urban cultural studies from a wide methodological perspective and broad disciplinary grounds focusing on the long nineteenth century; the issue is not limited to any specific geographical area. »

Date limite de soumission (résumé de 300 mots) : 23 juillet 2021 (les articles retenus seront à soumettre le 28 janvier 2022).

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