Nouvelle parution – Fontes artis musicae – vol. 67, no 1

Vient de paraître : Fontes artis musicae, vol. 67, no 1 (janvier-mars 2020).

« Fontes artis musicae, the journal of the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres (IAML), publishes articles on topics relevant to the Association’s purposes, particularly in the area of international music librarianship and documentation, bibliography, audio-visual materials, and musicology. In addition to peer-reviewed scholarly articles, each issue features reviews of books, databases, and music scores. »


Miss Austen Plays Pleyel. An Additional Source for the Jane Austen Family Music Collection?
Marian Wilson Kimber

Kulturvermittlung Zwischen (Sowjet-)Russland und der Schweiz. Der Nachlass des Musikwissenschaftlers Robert-Aloys Mooser (1876–1969) in den Bibliotheken Genf und Basel
Sonja Erhardt

‘In the Mirror of Criticism’. The Film Music Debate on REICHSFILMBLATT from 1924 to 1929 (with a Source Catalogue)
Francesco Finocchiaro



Bach and the Counterpoint of Religion. Edited by Robin A. Leaver
Alon Schab

Debussy’s Legacy and the Construction of Reputation. By Marianne Wheeldon
Keith E. Clifton

Le Modèle et l’Invention: Messiaen et la Technique de l’Emprunt. By Yves Balmer, Thomas Lacôte, and Christopher Brent Murray
Marie-Gabrielle Soret

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