Journée d’étude – « Future Histories of Music Theory » – 17 juin 2021

Journée d’étude « Future Histories of Music Theory. Problems and Possibilities », Institut Max-Planck d’esthétique empirique (Allemagne), en ligne, 17 juin 2021.

« This workshop, to be held on Zoom on June 17, 2021, aims to embrace a multitude of world perspectives on the discipline of music theory, its conception, and its practice. We hope to provoke conversation and reflection among historians of music theory and interested scholars in adjacent fields, with the concrete goal of envisioning what a volume akin to Strunk’s Source Readings in Music History with an emphasis on what a more “global” history of theory might comprise.

The history of music theory, as practiced in the North American and European academy,  has traditionally concentrated on texts written in Latin, Italian, French, German, and to some extent Greek. It is well time to ask if such a narrow canon does not perpetuate Eurocentrism and risk aligning the field with colonial and white-supremacist discourses. Broadening and diversifying the history of music theory is thus a project of moral and political urgency. » 

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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