Colloque – « Women, Opera and the Public Stage in Eighteenth-Century Venice » – 9-13 avril 2024

Colloque « Women, Opera and the Public Stage in Eighteenth-Century Venice », Trondheim (Norvège), 9-13 avril 2024.

« This conference is organized within the framework of the five-year research project “Women, Opera and the Public Stage in Eighteenth-Century Venice” (WoVen), funded by the Norwegian Research Council and based at the Music Institute of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The conference brings together leading specialists in the fields of musicology, history, and opera, theater, and literary studies, as well as junior scholars in these fields, to explore the role of women in European operatic culture in one of the most important centers of the Enlightenment: Venice—a hub for critical debate, an important proto-feminist center and a prominent operatic center of international significance. Papers presented explore public and operatic life in the Serenissima, the network of women who, as singers, managers, patrons and audience members, participated in the operatic life of the city, and how opera-going contributed to women’s increased visibility in contemporary culture and society. The conference contextualizes these activities within historical knowledge of women’s rights and wider contemporary critical discourses about women’s education and place in society. »

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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