Colloque – « Music and History in Plural Societies. French-German Perspectives » – 18-20 mars 2024

Colloque international « Music and History in Plural Societies. French-German Perspectives », Greifswald (Allemagne) et en ligne, 18-20 mars 2024.

« The conference is based on the assumption that music as a medium, but also in its diversity of genres, plays an important role in the reconceptualization of a contemporary plural history. This raises very different questions: To what extent can historical narratives and objects, memories, networks or life paths be transported and conveyed in music – without music always having to be understood as a universal medium of expression? In what ways is music suitable for reflecting historiographies, their narratives and interconnections in an artistic manner and enriching them with diverse voices? How do minorities or individual groups in today’s societies achieve audibility and recognition through music and sound? Can musical practices, instruments and patterns of reception be used to link the music-historical discourses of a pluralistic society with general cultural and social history? And last but not least: How is the potential of music in connection with history and memory reflected in cultural studies or in other media? »

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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