Appel de conférences – «  Improvisation and Citation. Experimentation and creativity in the arts » – 18 mars 2024

Appel de conférences pour le panel « Improvisation and Citation. Experimentation and creativity in the arts » de la 2025 MLA conference, New Orleans, 9-12 janvier 2025.

« This panel, covering topics of or related to eighteenth-century French or Francophone culture, invites submissions that explore the role of improvisation and citation as techniques in aesthetic creation, focusing on their adaptation from music to other art forms such as literature, theatre, and visual arts. We are particularly interested in interdisciplinary topics, including but not limited to: portrayals of musical performances in literary and theatrical works, and the use of improvisational and citational methods in literary forms. Additionally, we seek analyses of art criticism that employ the improvisational vocabulary of music. Another area of interest is also the representation of improvisation in various arts: we aim to examine which type of artists are portrayed as possessing the innate ability to improvise, and how literary works reinterpret and repurpose the motifs associated with the improvisational prowess of artists. »

Date limite de soumission : 18 mars 2024 (scott.m.sanders -at-

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