Appel à contributions – « Public music scholarship » – 25 mars 2024

Appel à contributions de Currents in Music Research (CMR), pour son no 4, « Public music scholarship ».

Rédaction en chef : Michaela Franzen, Cecilia Hiros, Kelly Hoppenjans, Yiqing (Mitty) Ma et Anna Rose Nelson

« At the recent joint American Musicological Society/Society for Music Theory conference in Denver, multiple discussions were held regarding Public Music Theory and Musicology and  what is required to develop more inclusive and wide-reaching forms of music scholarship. These discussions followed numerous recent publications on the topic, such as The Oxford Handbook of Public Music Theory (2021), which center around scholarly community engagement and outreach and spaces where music scholarship has thrived outside of academia. In the wake of these discussions, we invite submissions that engage with and continue the ongoing conversation on public music scholarship. How can music scholars encourage a collaborative and public environment for music research? What are some potential ways music scholarship could change when shifted to the public locale? What benefits can we imagine for our work when our audience is a general public, as opposed to the scholars in our fields? CMR invites submissions on all these topics and more, and we are interested in scholarship that utilizes alternative formats alongside traditional essays. »

Date limite de soumission : 25 mars 2024.

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