Appel de conférences – « 9th Conference on Music and Minimalism » – 15 janvier 2024

Appel de conférences pour la « 9th Conference on Music and Minimalism », Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade, Serbie, 29 mai-1 juin 2024.

« We invite submissions on a broad range of topics representing different disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches. We welcome all scholars and practitioners including composers, musicologists, ethnomusicologists, music theorists, performers, cultural and art theorists, and other researchers from the humanities to stimulate lively debate about the past and current state of the art in minimalist music and its numerous offshoots.

We especially welcome papers that address the following:

  • provide insight into minimalist music and its reception throughout Europe, including the countries of Central, Eastern, Southern, and Northern Europe, as well as its intersections with the local traditions in these regions
  • offer new perspectives on the core minimalist repertory and its intersections with other styles
  • illuminate the long-ranging impact and influence of minimalist music and its various spin-offs into the 21st century
  • study the intersections of minimalism with popular music and culture. »

Date limite de soumission : 15 janvier 2024.

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