Appel de conférences – « North American Baroque Trumpet Competition and Conference » – 15 décembre 2023

Appel de conférences pour les « North American Baroque Trumpet Competition and Conference », Fort Collins, Colorado, 6-7 avril 2024.

« The event consists of concerts, master classes, paper presentations, and a competition—all related to the baroque trumpet.

Five paper presentations will be accepted for a morning session on Sunday, April 7. Presenters will present a 20-minute presentation with 5 minutes for questions. There are no restrictions on the topics that may be covered, although the Historic Brass Society mission statement notes that « the history, music, literature and performance practice of early brass instruments such as natural trumpet, natural horn, early trombone, cornetto, serpent, keyed bugle, keyed trumpet, early valve horn, 19th century brass instruments are some of the main issues of concern to the HBS. » Paper presenters shall receive no remuneration and will be responsible for their own expenses.

Proposals must be submitted by current Historic Brass Society (HBS) members (ensure that membership is for 2024 or extending into 2024) – membership information can be found at Proposals submitted by non-HBS members will not be considered by the screening committee. »

Date limite de soumission : 15 décembre 2023.

Pour plus de détails : cliquez ici.

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