Appel à contributions – Americas. A Hemispheric Music Journal – 1 août 2023

Appel à contributions d’Americas. A Hemispheric Music Journal pour son numéro « The Jukebox Musical », sous la dir. de Matthew Jones et Jake Johnson.

« This year, Americas: A Hemispheric Music Journal invites article submissions for a themed issue on the jukebox musical. In the spirit of the jukebox musical’s preference for mish-mash, this issue seeks to model collaborative and cooperative scholarly practice by encouraging co-authored essays pulling from various pockets of academic and professional thought. We invite single-authored and co-authored submissions as well as submissions from authors who would be interested in pairing with another scholar around a theme or specific musical. This issue, we hope, will demonstrate the best of what happens when unalike disciplinary perspectives cohere around such an unruly yet provocative concept. Topics may include:

  • Disability discourses
  • Issues of identity such as race, gender, sexuality, and social class
  • The dynamics of voice, impersonation, or mimicry 
  • Media and liveness 
  • The borders and edges of disciplines and cultural practices that the jukebox musical occupies, upholds, or subverts
  • Fandom and iconicity 
  • Nostalgia, affect, and memory 
  • Guilty pleasures 
  • Dramaturgy, production, choreography
  • The jukebox musical as history/biography »

Date limite de soumission : 1er août 2023.

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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