Appel à contributions – SMT-Pod – 15 juillet 2023

Appel à contributions pour la troisième saison du podcast SMT-Pod

« SMT-Pod is a Open Collaborative Peer-Reviewed and creative venue for timely conversations about music theory. Audio-only podcasts offer a unique—though non-traditional—way of engaging with music, analysis, and contemporary issues in the field. As opposed to the heavy, jargon-laden publications we are used to working through at our desks, SMT-Pod publications are easy to listen to and think about in the car, on your run, or while grading.

The format of each episode is dictated by its content. For some topics, interviews with individual scholars or panel discussions may be effective; for others, sample lessons may prove useful; for more traditional analysis topics (that would not require visual aids), single-author lectures with plenty of audio examples may suffice. If none of these formats seem beneficial to the episode you are proposing, feel free to design your own. The choice is up to you!

We welcome proposals from all scholars: those who are avid podcast listeners and those who are less familiar with the medium; whether you have years of experience or are new to the recording process. »

Date limite de soumission : 15 juillet 2023

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