Nouvelle parution – The Intersection of Animation, Video Games, and Music. Making Movement Sing

Vient de paraître : The Intersection of Animation, Video Games, and Music. Making Movement Sing, sous la dir. de Lisa Scoggin et Dana Plank, New York, Routledge, 2023, 283 pages.

« In both video games and animated films, worlds are constructed through a combination of animation, which defines what players see on the screen, and music and sound, which provide essential cues to action, emotion, and narrative. This book offers a rich exploration of the intersections between animation, video games, and music and sound, bringing together a range of multidisciplinary lenses. In 14 chapters, the contributors consider similarities and differences in how music and sound structure video games and animation, as well as the animation within video games, and explore core topics of nostalgia, adaptation, gender, and sexuality. Offering fresh insights into the aesthetic interplay of animation, video games, and sound, this volume provides a gateway into new areas of study that will be of interest to scholars and students across musicology, animation studies, game studies, and media studies more broadly. »

Avec le chapitre « The Retrospective and Retrocursive Stances in Retro Game Aesthetics. How DuckTales Remastered Got the Last Quack » du membre OICRM Dominic Arsenault.

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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