Colloque – « Cultural Intermediaries in the Nineteenth-Century Music Market » – 23-24 juin 2023

Colloque, « Cultural Intermediaries in the Nineteenth-Century Music Market », University of Bristol, 23-24 juin 2023.

« This symposium seeks to illuminate the behind-the-scenes workings of the music market during the (very) long nineteenth century in its full spectrum. As recent and ongoing studies increasingly highlight, publishing was just one facet of the wider music-historical economic market that was enmeshed with the actions of other cultural intermediaries, including agents, claqueurs, impresarios, critics, and more. And while we know very little about their work, these individuals worked behind the scenes to manage music commerce, constructing value and mediating between economy and culture along the way.

While an interest in publishing has been a near-constant in musicological research, it has tended to focus on biography and documentation rather than the act of business itself. Amid a paradigm shift in our thinking about networks, historical agency, canon formation, the documents and objects that constitute musicological research, to name just a few, these gaps in our knowledge seem wider and more pressing.

We intend the symposium to offer a forum for information exchange and a means of connecting disparate actions that together make up a broader whole. In so doing, we aim to develop a commercial logic of the nineteenth-century music industry. We welcome papers without any limitations on genres or geographic boundaries, and that blur the limits of the long nineteenth century. »

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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