Colloque – « Musical Topics and Performance Practice » – 1er-2 juin 2023

Colloque « Musical Topics and Performance Practice. A Symposium on Topical Analysis and Music Performance », Université de Melbourne, 1er-2 juin 2023.

« This Symposium seeks to contribute to this developing field by examining further the practical implications of topical awareness for performance practice. We welcome papers on specific case studies addressing the conference theme. The following are offered as suggestions: the use of topical analysis as a tool for artistic interpretation and performance decisions; musical topics and HIP (historical performance practice); the affordances of topical analysis in the performance practice of twentieth- and twenty first-centuries art music; topics and eloquent performance; musical topics and culturally sensitive performance; musical topics and the performance of jazz, rock, and other popular genres. »

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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