Conférences – « Listen! The Sound of the Anthropocene » – 2 mai-4 juillet 2023

Conférences « Listen! The Sound of the Anthropocene », en ligne, 2 mai-4 juillet 2023.

« Now that spring is here, the environment sounds louder, more varied and more melodious in some places – or it sounds quiet and rather one-sided in the face of the dramatic environmental changes of our time. Listening to the sounds of our environment is once again the subject of an interdisciplinary series of events in the summer semester of 2023, organised by the Chair of European Ethnology/Cultural Analysis at the University of Würzburg and the University of Music Nuremberg. The series aims to raise awareness of the importance of environmental sounds in perceiving and shaping our world. The digital format allows for low-threshold participation of all interested parties far beyond Franconia. Representatives of ethnomusicology, musicology, multispecies and sound studies, landscape architecture, sound anthropology, sound art, ecomusicology and biology present their current research. In the last winter term, international lecturers discussed with students and researchers conceptual issues such as ‘careful listening’, the sound of melting glaciers, silence in Iceland, ecomusicology as activism and the sound of species extinction. Summer topics include the political nature of listening (to listen or not to listen), Christian responses to the ecological crisis, the Ortolan in the Franconian soundscape, and the potential of digital sound dioramas. Attendance is free and registration is not required. »

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