Colloque – « Liturgy, Materiality, Economics » – 12-15 juin 2023

Colloque « Liturgy, Materiality, Economics », Yale Institute of Sacred Music, New Haven, 12-15 juin 2023.

« On Earth as in Heaven? Liturgy, Materiality, Economics will explore the manifold ways in which material economies have underlain past liturgical practices and continue to underlie worship today. It is built on the root premise that liturgical practices have always arisen within specific economic contexts and have, in foundational ways, been shaped by these. The conference will therefore focus on scholarly work around issues of liturgical production, distribution, materiality, and power. At the same time, it will explore “earthly” materialities in tension with eschatological visions of Christian hope, and allow the latter to put pressure on the material economies of worship, past and present. »

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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