Nouvelle parution – Acta Musicologica, vol. 92, no 1

Vient de paraître : Acta Musicologica, vol. 92, no 1 (2020).

Au sommaire : 


Philip V. Bohlman & Federico Celestini: Musicology at the Global Front Lines


Margaret Bent: Lives in Musicology. A Personal Perspective

Jeffrey Levenberg: Seconda Pratica Temperaments, Prima Pratica Tempers. The Artusi-Monteverdi Controversy and the Returning of Musica Moderna

Benedikt Schubert: „Ich, ich, ich, ich ha!e viel Bekümmernis“. Zum Eingangschor der Kantate BWV 21 Johann Sebastian Bachs

Steven N. Machtinger: Mozart, Mendelssohn, and Metaphysics

Jeanna Kniazeva:“A New Prosperity in Our Field Cannot Be Expected Unless the Scholars of Various Countries Pull Together”. Jacques Handschin and the American Institute of Musicology

Jennifer Iverson: Fraught Adjacencies. The Politics of German Electronic Music


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