EXTENSION – Appel de conférence – « Between Old Worlds and New. Keyboard Encounters (c. 1700-1900) » – 31 août 2022

Appel de conférence pour le colloque « Between Old Worlds and New. Keyboard Encounters (c. 1700-1900) », Greenville, 9-11 mars 2023

« The history of keyboard instruments encompasses centuries of global exchange: patterns of performance, composition, manufacturing, taste-making, migration, conquest, and capital. On the American continent, European-style keyboard instruments ranged from humble clavichords for private practice to sumptuous grand pianos for the concert hall, from traditional Moravian organs built for worship to the ubiquitous reed organs designed for church and parlor alike. These instruments played multiple roles in private and public life: shaping taste and musical composition, improvisation, and performance, defining both social and political spaces, and constituting sites for encounters and exchanges with local and indigenous makers and musicians. »

EXTENSION de la date limite de soumission : 6 septembre 2022

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