Appel à contributions – IMS Musicological Brainfood, vol. 6, no 2

Appel à contributions pour la revue IMS Musicological Brainfood, vol. 6, no 2, sous la dir. de Daniel K. L. Chua et Lukas Christensen sur le thème « Global Musicology ».

« It has been five years since Daniel K. L. Chua took up the presidency of the IMS and instituted IMS Musicological Brainfood. As a grand final gesture, he has made a video that tries to encapsulate the pithy, informal, and provocative spirit of this online publication and its main theme: global musicology. The video is a summary of various talks and articles developed over the last five years during his presidency. It was first aired as a keynote lecture on January 25, 2022, at the virtual conference Global Musicology—Global Music History under the title “Global Musicology Has No Key.” It is now hosted under IMS Musicological Brainfood 6, no. 2 (2022) to complement the article “Global Musicology: A Keynote without a Key,” in Acta Musicologica 94, no. 1 (2022). These two formats—video and text—have been published in tandem under the auspices of the IMS as different but complementary experiences. The video is a stimulant with improvised flourishes, whereas the article is a more reflective and well-notated statement. Being global in nature, both the video and article are indebted to many IMS members from around the world who have contributed to IMS Musicological Brainfood, and provided scholarly platforms for thought and copious amount of tea and coffee to keep the discussion on global musicology going. The author/auteur presents this video as a huge thank-you to all of them. »

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