Appel de conférences – « Mozart and Salzburg » – 1er octobre 2020

Appel de conférences pour le colloque « Mozart and Salzburg », International Mozarteum Foundation, 26-30 mai 2021, organisé conjointement par la Mozart Society of America et la Society for Eighteenth-Century Music.

« This international conference will explore all aspects of Mozart and Salzburg, including Wolfgang’s early education and travel, especially to the nearby court at Munich; the music of Leopold Mozart, Michael Haydn, Giacomo Rust, as well as the other singers and instrumentalists at the Salzburg court; traveling opera troupes, especially Emanuel Schikaneder’s residence in Salzburg in 1780; and finally the works that Mozart wrote for Salzburg: his chamber music and serenades, symphonies and concertos, masses and other church music, and operas. All relevant topics will be considered, though priority will be given to the theme of the conference. »

Date limite de soumission : 1er octobre 2020.

Pour plus de détails, voir l’appel en ligne.

Image : Pixabay.

ISSN : 2368-7061
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