Séminaire – « Body as instruments » – 16 mai 2022

Séminaire sur le thème « Body as instruments », Goldsmiths University of London et en ligne, 16 mai 2022

« This talk considers the human body as musical instrument. To do so, we look at the use of physiological signals, notably the electromyogram, as a way to capture the gestural intention and effort of the performer. The use of biomedical technologies as computer interfaces, however, do not automatically comprise a musical instrument. To imagine a system that affords expressive musical performance, we will think about the notion of the « instrument », and contrast it with concepts of the « tool » predominant in our technoculture. We will also consider the word, ‘performance’ and its various artistic, technical, and social meanings. Through this extended vision of musical instruments, we will consider how biosignals provide a virtual instrument, or perhaps even turn performer into instrument. »

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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