Appel à contributions – Americas. A Hemispheric Music Journal – 1er juillet 2022

Appel à contributions pour la revue Americas. A Hemispheric Music Journal, sous la dir. de Susan Thomas, sur le thème « DANCE, BODIES, AND EMBODIED LISTENING »

« As music studies seeks to move beyond not only a Eurocentric focus in its canons but also its foundational Eurocentric epistemologies, we must confront the Cartesian separation of mind from body that has long driven conceptualizations of ideal listeners as “purely” cerebral beings. While anti-corporeal performances of self-erasure are constitutive elements of Western concert culture’s idiosyncratic listening rituals, there are many more contexts and cultures where listening is understood as an embodied practice and where the body in motion is regarded as a body engaged in active, expressive, rigorous listening, including (but not limited) to the act of dancing. As such, broader consideration of music practices as embodied practices, informed by engagement with the rich discourses in the field of dance studies, can create space for more musical practices across cultures to be understood on their own terms. »

Date limite de soumission : 1er juillet 2022

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