Appel de conférences – « Facts, Fictions, and the Musicological Imaginary » – 5 février 2022

Appel de conférences pour le workshop « Facts, Fictions, and the Musicological Imaginary », au sein du congrès AMS/SMT/SEM 2022, Nouvelle-Orléans, 10-13 novembre 2022

« This joint workshop brings together (ethno)musicologists and music theorists who investigate imaginative sources that lie at the margins of their disciplines, such as medical pathographies, fictional anecdotes, autobiographical (mis)representations, poetry, amateur criticism, and allegorical visual media. Whom do we unearth when we extend the limits of music studies and what can these individuals tell us about how authority is generated and what counts as knowledge? Can we decenter the traditional stuff of our disciplines without creating a curiosity cabinet that revels in miscellany? How can we reconcile a cultural study of the past with the ethical problem of misinformation in the present ? »

Date limite de soumission (résumé à envoyer à kristin.franseen(a) : 5 février 2022

Image : Ashish R. Mishra sur Unsplash

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