Appel à contributions – Contemporary Perspectives on the Legacy of Elise Hall (1853-1924) – 21  mars 2022

Appel à contributions pour un volume sur le thème Contemporary Perspectives on the Legacy of Elise Hall (1853-1924), sous la dir. de Kurt Bertels et Adrianne Honnold. 

« In 2024 the saxophone community will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of Elise Boyer Hall (1853–1924), a pioneering saxophonist and patron who played an integral role in the instrument’s history. To mark this occasion, a contemporary approach to understanding Hall’s legacy will form the thread of an edited volume. 

 As noted in previous research, Hall learned how to play the saxophone at the end of the nineteenth century in an attempt to counteract the acceleration of a hearing impairment. A promising amateur saxophonist, longtime Francophile, and president of the Boston Orchestral Club, she was actively engaged in the musical communities in both Boston and Paris. Research has been conducted that provides essential historical and biographical details of her life, but an investigation into the broader sociocultural significance of her endeavors has not been explored in contemporary contexts. »

Date limite de soumission : 21 mars 2022

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