Nouvelle parution – Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music, vol. 26, no 1

Vient de paraître : Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music, vol. 26, no 1 (2020), « Thirty Years of War: Henrich Schütz and Music in Protestant Germany ».

Rédactrice en chef : Lois Rosow. Co-rédacteur invité : Victor Coelho.

« The eight articles in this issue of JSCM are drawn from [the international conference “Thirty Years of War: Henrich Schütz and Music in Protestant Germany,” organized by the Center for Early Music Studies, Boston University, and held on May 11–12, 2018]. They cover a broad range of topics: the plight of ordinary court musicians in a war that “caught everyone and everything in its web” (Joshua Rifkin); early modern understanding of music’s contribution to the corporeal, psychological, and social dimensions of painful emotional experiences (Bettina Varwig); the question of how musicians chose particular pieces for performance at political occasions (Derek Stauff); Schütz’s sensitivity to the performing forces available to him, which were often shaped by conditions at the Dresden court (Keith Polk); the varied fortunes of musicians with different types of careers (Arne Spohr) and of cantors in different cities (Joanna Carter Hunt); and music’s role in the interplay of Protestantism and patriotism, first in the aftermath of the Thirty Years War (Hannah Spracklan-Holl) and then in the German reception of Schütz’s music in the twentieth century (Torbjørn Skinnemoen Ottersen). It has been a pleasure to work with Victor Coelho, of Boston University, in bringing this collection of papers to our readers. »

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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